Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend with my MOM and friends

hi there, as saturday was workin day 4 me i came in the eve by 7 00 from office ahhh iwas really tired that day . i slept by 9 00 on that day nxt day in the morning i heard my mom sayin that she didnt had a day out from long time so i decided to take her out .We went to nearby mall and started doin shopping we were enjoyin every moment out there we had lunch together .there we had exotic chinese cuisine .the food was really tasty .so all in all i really enjoyed , my mom tooo she said to me (KUSI AND) thats i enjoyed in tullu .later that night i had to visit to my frnd amey as her sister was gettin engaged .All of our hostel frnd came together .we went out to hav ahhhhhh i hope u know and then we came back and had dinner of engagement then we did some discussion and we had to move on at that day i came to home by midnight and slept it was fun .

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