Friday, November 14, 2008

Beauty of logic

Well in office i completed my first software given by my sir (MD). I felt so happy about it . I developed it by usin ASP,SQL and Javascript .I t was related to transaction betwn company and bank or other expenditure. When i was workin with it the application of logic , it was so beautifull ki sala dil aa gaya .To imagine the way for perfect application and implementing it and getin positive result its so interesting .Really software application is superb . You have to think work on it and implement .Offcourse i was bein helped by my superior but by seein the solution done by them sala fidha ho gaya mein . the logic which is applied to a particular problem makes u facinated . Actually logic is to make someone learn how u do it , In college or school when one (proffesor or teacher ) teaches u the term grasping the term is more important diffrent teacher can teach u a subject in their own way but we be more happy when one makes us understand the term more clearly and thoroughly .We feel a respect for that sir .Same here in logic makin computer understand ur query is an art which is called LOGIC .Sometimes i feel so lucky to know logic .Well i will try really hard to implement logic in programming and gettin the solution out of it ie teachin computer what should it do wen asked for a particular query