Friday, November 14, 2008

Beauty of logic

Well in office i completed my first software given by my sir (MD). I felt so happy about it . I developed it by usin ASP,SQL and Javascript .I t was related to transaction betwn company and bank or other expenditure. When i was workin with it the application of logic , it was so beautifull ki sala dil aa gaya .To imagine the way for perfect application and implementing it and getin positive result its so interesting .Really software application is superb . You have to think work on it and implement .Offcourse i was bein helped by my superior but by seein the solution done by them sala fidha ho gaya mein . the logic which is applied to a particular problem makes u facinated . Actually logic is to make someone learn how u do it , In college or school when one (proffesor or teacher ) teaches u the term grasping the term is more important diffrent teacher can teach u a subject in their own way but we be more happy when one makes us understand the term more clearly and thoroughly .We feel a respect for that sir .Same here in logic makin computer understand ur query is an art which is called LOGIC .Sometimes i feel so lucky to know logic .Well i will try really hard to implement logic in programming and gettin the solution out of it ie teachin computer what should it do wen asked for a particular query

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Congestion Substracted

I m one of the 8 lakh commuter who travel by road to go to office in Mumbai city in the morning .Everyday i travel through these road its painful b coz of heavy traffic All the people seem so tired when i look at their faces .My friend use to say me "Tu Mercedes le yaa fhir maruti ,hamesha hi santacruz ke fly over pe atka rahega "HHaa.But 2 day as there was strike of taxi and rick and what i observed is the root cause of traffic is these taxi and rick. Bcoz in the morn 9 00 thats is the peak hour the traffic was so less .i came pass every signal so easily .i didn't deaccelerate at all .It takes me to come at office at around 1 hr but 2 day I came in 20 min yaa it's suprisingly true .The road was litrally empty.Well these taxi and rick are important means of transport many people rely on them .Many people have to suffer b coz of this cant blame these guys b coz we also use them sometime or the other well as they say some win and some looses.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Enchanting the Godess

Well 0n 8 of October the last day of navratri was celebrated it was too good man. The people come all dressed up especially for getting noticed they dance around MAA. I feel festival is too good in INDIA people come together they enjoy and 4 get all the freaking life in city .Food is served every 1 enjoy eatin and chattin, the sharing of joys and sorrow takes place. grown ups enjoy dancin and we youth watch them and make sum comment and laugh like hell HHH this is life .I was bored by eatin ghas puss so we frnd went in nearby kattha chinese and enjoyed the pathetic chicken lollypop aaa pathetic b coz of the area the taste was superb .Well m waitin for diwali to n joy the cracker and new dress and sweets ...........all the good stuff

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happening Cum DISASTER Party

HA as i decided to give my frnds a party , from all the location we thought ,we came to conclusion to visit EL GROTO lounge bar .I invited 10 people out of which 7 people turned up .one guy from the group said to his parents that he is goin to watch a movie .Then by some planning he came with us .We headed towards destination by two vehicle .Few guys came in my car and rest went in other car.When we reached that place it was awsome the ambience was cool Food was also good and the BEERS heaven .they also serve some good drinks to teatotaller .Well every1 was drunked sayyy u can say 3.5 out of 5 times .then we headed out and hunted some roadside food where we ate BHURJI pav (From restaurant to roadside junkie cool naa)every1 who drunked was in high spirit .We were happy that police didnt caught us while drinkin and drivin we reached complex and this is where the disaster start for 1 of my frnd .He was in my vehicle the moment we

reach complex and by settin the frequency in radio ROCK ON song was played well now the volume went high everythin was set up for the moment of disaster the guy who told his parent lie was caught red handed the smell of beer was pretty noticable and their parents was very angry wid him they asked some explanation from the guy who was teatotaller they came out to check out the scenario then what every1 went to their respective home and went for good night sleep .No worries yeh sab toh chalta hi rehata hai .The next day was as pleasant as of party was good from all of my frnd maja aa gaya

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well for my career ahead i have done a foundation work by completing Computer Engineering .Also i have made a entry in Software Developing field .I was so happy to hear about my result .I m interested in further studies but by some part time work.
I threw small party for my parents in one of the restaurant i was so happy to give them the treat especially my papa .My one more dream is to take my MOM to any of the foreign destination well it's pretty hard i dont know wether i can fulfill it or not but by keeping faith in god and myself i keep my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.Haha also ihave decided to take my closest frnds to party i m really looking forward for it .Sab daru pike tight rahenge maja aayega.Jai shree venkatramana

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hppening Life

Well first of all i m sorry for addin these post late .My third yr result were declared,i passed in the subject digital signaling in which i had ATKT .haa now only results of BE is yet to be declared so i m keepin my fingers crossed . I visited the night club in mumbai rennaisance hotel there me and my frnds had a blast in VELVET lounge .my god there is totally diffrent world out there .Girls were so hot i was thinkin watching them that only micro mini skirt allowed for girls in the lounge. they were all drunked drinkin cigarette dancin movin their A** .i also enjoyed we had beers ,shots(similar to taqueilla).It was a superb night that night i saw javed jaffery's brother, Fardeen khan. all the girls were lookin really pretty we partyeed till 4 30 in the morning and went home it was really rokin night. By seein this a wildest thought came in my mind that once i will brng my AUNTS and UNCLE from village it will be a superb experience bringin them to these places hahaha.Then came GANPATI we bring Ganesh moorti in our complex well thats full stop comes the real part we all frnd have night out at that day we all frnds hav BEER cigarette and enjoy whole night . At that night wen we were feelin hungry at night 2 00 we went to one pav bhaji centre which is open only during the night ahh that was a total diffrent scenario all bevdas fo mumbai come there the sourrounding was so pathetic but the pav bhaji taste was superb i relished it my god u guys have to check his buisness he is minting money like anything well as people says "yeh hai mumbai meri jaan".I hav also received my first cheque of rs ***** aaaaaaaa well that money i hav not used yet .

Monday, August 18, 2008

Visiting my brother hostel

hi there as 15 16 17 was holiday time .me and my papa decided to go at pune to visit my brother hostel .On Friday morn we went by my car .one of my office colleague also came wid us as he h wanted to go to his sister house at pune. the sightseeing on the way was very beautiful many many people came down here especially to visit lonavala and khandala .well after reaching to pune we went to my bro hostel it was better than mine area was good all facility nearby it was at the heart of city wid clean and posh neighborhood at the very next day we came back then sunday was same wid nothing much in it .but on Monday my third yr result were declared i passed in the backlog subject which i had now i m waitin 4 my final result ie where i get the tag of COMPUTER ENGINEER .i only want to say that (hey bhagwaan mujhe paas kar do jai shree venkatraman).