Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Enchanting the Godess

Well 0n 8 of October the last day of navratri was celebrated it was too good man. The people come all dressed up especially for getting noticed they dance around MAA. I feel festival is too good in INDIA people come together they enjoy and 4 get all the freaking life in city .Food is served every 1 enjoy eatin and chattin, the sharing of joys and sorrow takes place. grown ups enjoy dancin and we youth watch them and make sum comment and laugh like hell HHH this is life .I was bored by eatin ghas puss so we frnd went in nearby kattha chinese and enjoyed the pathetic chicken lollypop aaa pathetic b coz of the area the taste was superb .Well m waitin for diwali to n joy the cracker and new dress and sweets ...........all the good stuff

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