Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hppening Life

Well first of all i m sorry for addin these post late .My third yr result were declared,i passed in the subject digital signaling in which i had ATKT .haa now only results of BE is yet to be declared so i m keepin my fingers crossed . I visited the night club in mumbai rennaisance hotel there me and my frnds had a blast in VELVET lounge .my god there is totally diffrent world out there .Girls were so hot i was thinkin watching them that only micro mini skirt allowed for girls in the lounge. they were all drunked drinkin cigarette dancin movin their A** .i also enjoyed we had beers ,shots(similar to taqueilla).It was a superb night that night i saw javed jaffery's brother, Fardeen khan. all the girls were lookin really pretty we partyeed till 4 30 in the morning and went home it was really rokin night. By seein this a wildest thought came in my mind that once i will brng my AUNTS and UNCLE from village it will be a superb experience bringin them to these places hahaha.Then came GANPATI we bring Ganesh moorti in our complex well thats full stop comes the real part we all frnd have night out at that day we all frnds hav BEER cigarette and enjoy whole night . At that night wen we were feelin hungry at night 2 00 we went to one pav bhaji centre which is open only during the night ahh that was a total diffrent scenario all bevdas fo mumbai come there the sourrounding was so pathetic but the pav bhaji taste was superb i relished it my god u guys have to check his buisness he is minting money like anything well as people says "yeh hai mumbai meri jaan".I hav also received my first cheque of rs ***** aaaaaaaa well that money i hav not used yet .

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